Mars WinCleaner

Mars WinCleaner

Mars WinCleaner is an unnecessary files cleaner and system optimization tool
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Mars WinCleaner is an unnecessary files cleaner and system optimization program. This fully featured tool will remove a lot of trash files from your computer in an automated way. It can find files history from various origins such as Microsoft Office history and recent files, executed programs history, temporary files directories even in Windows directory (*.tmp;*.bak), different kind of logs like ScanDisk generated and application logs, files allocated in the Recycle Bin, user defined files and registry entries and even lost clusters files.
Regarding browser generated trash files, it will find and erase cache (copy of visited pages), cookies, giving you the option to select those you do not want to delete, protected 'index.dat' files, any file allocated in the Downloaded Program Files folder, the complete history of visited web-sites, any autocomplete forms data and passwords (very useful to keep your privacy), and it also brings the possibility to keep your favorite icons (favicon.ico).
Mars WinCleaner can be set to launch with Windows startup, perform the cleanup and exit immediately. It also comes with file overwriting support and it can do it up to 15 times, thus restoration of deleted file is virtually impossible. More over, this handy piece of software brings the option to cleanup your system periodically.
There is also the possibility to keep your software updated with the newest version through the Internet.

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